Natuzzi Italia
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Natuzzi Italia

The lines between art and design have long been blurred: A functional light fixture with a statuesque shape can look more like a masterful artwork, while a handcrafted sculpture can easily double as decor. Either way, a well-dressed home needs both art and design for aesthetic and utility purposes, so why not meld the two disciplines into a single object? That was the thought process behind Italian furniture brand Natuzzi, which tapped Edward Granger to reinterpret its iconic Re-vive leather chair. “We wanted to show a bespoke object without boundaries and that isn’t driven by commercial purposes,” says Natuzzi’s deputy creative director, Pasquale Natuzzi Junior. “Re-vive is the icon of Natuzzi’s DNA; it’s functional, but also has a designer aesthetic. The classic piece also falls well into the artists’ hands, as they were able to shape it in any way, like a blank slate.”