A/D/O - Edward Granger
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A Tetromino is a geometric shape composed of four squares, connected orthogonally.

Tetromino-inspired by video game graphics and Granger’s “hue, saturation, value” light paintings-is a site specific installation that aims to manipulate space, color and light; encouraging viewers to reflect on an ever-evolving, mosaic-like spectacle.

This flash of color imagery, taken out of their digital habitat (phones, video graphics and computer screens) only to capture them in our physical world as color for a changing value in real life. “Technology has made our lives so precise and exact…our physical lives rarely are.”

The “celestial chandelier” is directly related to the seven colors of the chakras: red, with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo., violet. The plexi-encapsulated structure is designed to resemble the transparency in a gothic cathedral. Its goal is to capture the viewer in an energetic, yet spiritual space.

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